Team building strategy

The main questions to be answered in this session are:

What are your challenges as a team and how do you want to approach them?

Recognising the weaknesses and strengths of a relationship helps foster self-awareness for all individuals involved.

(You may want to talk about the roles in the team first)

How to use

  • Create context and a safe environment.
  • Have the team reflect and discuss how it is perceived from the outside (its stakeholders, its customers, partners etc.).
  • Ask them questions such as: How would they describe us? Which strengths/weaknesses do they see?
  • What would they like us to improve?
  • How can we improve it? – (Brainstorm and create an action plan).


  • Do not focus on the individual strengths and weaknesses. Try to work with the team’s personality/culture.
  • Maybe the team does not see the necessity to improve something. Pick the right moment to have such a discussion, e.g. after some feedback from customers.
  • You do not need necessarily think in weaknesses in order to improve. You can decide as a team to use a strength to grow.

The team-effectiveness canvas

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The team-effectiveness canvas
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