Team Health & Growth

One of the most important things to do when kickstarting a team, or when new team members join the team is team chartering. A team charter typically includes purpose and goals, roles and responsibilities and more. The team-effectiveness canvas is generally similar, but it focuses on the relationship of the team members. In this way, the focus of the main question to be discussed with the team is as follows:

  1. What do we need to have a healthy relationship? What is important for us in order to be together (not only to work together).
  2. What do we need in order to grow as a team?

How to do it

  • Educate / make the team aware of their interdependence.
  • Ask them the first question and let them discuss. Summarise each short discussion on the canvas and continue.
  • Ask them the second question and repeat the procedure above. Let the team discuss.
  • What kind of atmosphere or culture do we need in order to work together?


  • It is more important to have a discussion that precisely and completely summarises what the teams have discussed as a meeting protocol. Keep the summary of each point that the team needs in a short form.
  • This is not a contract for the team. It is an alignment of the elements that are currently in need.
  • This is something that can be updated or extended as often as the team needs.

The team-effectiveness canvas

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The team-effectiveness canvas
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