Taking difficult decisions in a team

Values and principles influence decision-making processes because they provide a guiding framework for team decisions/solutions and shape the team’s behaviour.

Values & principles exploration

There are several methods and games that can be used to playfully identify and discuss the values that are important to a team member and a team. These activities include:

  • brainstorming,
  • asking the “why is it important”, “What is essential in order to succeed” questions,
  • picking and voting from a set of values,
  • aligning with company values,
  • drawing pictures and exploring them, or making a collage together.

In the following I will not explain how to identify the values and important principles of a team. Rather, I will focus on how to work with the values to solve problems and make decisions effectively.

Solve problems by using your values and principles

Once a team has identified a specific value or principle that is important to them, they can use it as a framework for solving problems or making decisions. Here’s a step-by-step approach:

  • Create a comfortable and safe environment for the team and explain the benefits of the exercise.
  • Present a problem to be solved or a decision to be made. Summarise it in no more than 3-4 words.
  • Ask the team to identify the relevant value or principle that is most likely to be applicable to the situation at hand.
  • Each team member may propose a solution that is in conformity with their chosen value or principle.
  • Share the individual solutions. Encourage open and respectful discussion among team members, focusing on the value being applied. Discuss how the identified value or principle aligns with the problem or decision. Consider its implications, benefits, and potential challenges in dealing with the situation.
  • Choose another value or principle and repeat until the team feels aligned with a specific solution.
  • Close with brainstorming about next actions, clustering and prioritizing.

The team-effectiveness canvas

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The team-effectiveness canvas
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