How to Use

You can use the team-effectiveness canvas to create transparency about the current state of the team.

There is no specific timing, or order to ask some of the questions from the canvas and fill out the areas. This is definitely not a 1h, not even a 1 day workshop. The team effectiveness canvas is a map that you keep drawing and adding elements that represents where your team is currently standing. It is a tool for continuously coaching team dynamics and enabling team effectiveness.

You might want to start with the “Team health & growth” and then move on to exploring the team values. Maybe then you would like to talk about how to cope with conflicts. If you have already done this work you have already done a significant amount work to set the foundations for the team to continuously improve.

After doing the work above, you will be able to reflect on, celebrate and improve the things you do well in your team culture, values and conflicts.

Some teams may start differently, by giving themselves a name first. Try to explore with the team what is behind that name? What do we stand for? You may find yourself doing values and identity work together.

Document the results as you go and close each session with learnings and actions.


  • The tool is not supposed to be used only once. It works as a framework that can be iterated and adapted when necessary.
  • Before you reflect or work with your team on any area proposed by the team-effectiveness canvas, make sure you have created a safe environment and clarified the context of these discussions.
  • There is no specific order to reflect on the areas.
  • There may be necessary to educate your team upfront about the importance of team dynamics. Not all areas need to be filed the first time you use the tool. Try to find out what the team requires to work on at a given point of time.
  • Do not forget to reflect back to the team how doing this work is affecting its effectiveness..
  • If the team thinks this is not valuable work, then you might consider not using this tool.